There are days when I feel useless. Useless to my family, to my dog, even to myself. Lately there have been way more of these days than those where I feel like I serve a purpose. Nothing works out well lately. Not with the kids, the dog, the wife, chores, nothing. I can’t get along with anyone.

The kids aren’t listening. Granted I don’t deliver the message the best way sometimes. Whatever the message is. The dog won’t do shit right. That includes shitting. My oldest argues with trees and sign posts. She just is like that. Anything that breathes stands a better than average chance of being fussed at by her.

And forget marriage. I’ve failed at this endeavor horribly. Twice now. We never get time together and I mean never. She’s started a new job for corporate America. Yip-a-freaking-ree! That whole grass is greener on the other side? Yea, because it grows on top of manure and a septic tank.

I’ve never been able to handle stress really well. Never. But this is different. I feel like nobody has a use for me beyond cooking, washing their clothes, and taking them places. None of them. And truly, I’ve had about enough and all I can handle.