So, it’s spring and the garden has been planted. We use old recycling bins, an old kids pool and a large tub. We’ve planted squash, cukes, peppers, lettuce, and radishes this year. In years past we’ve hauled in dozens of pieces of produce. Cukes and maters and squash mostly.

Living in the city sucks. There’s no room in our little place for an in-ground garden. So, we make do with our containers and buy the rest of it at the State Farmers Market. Our oldest helps out with this endeavor. She has for the last several years. One year we brought in 51 cukes. Both of my granddads gardened. Granddaddy Slawter was raised on a farm. He KNEW what he was doing. Collards, maters, cukes, carrots and much more was what he grew in his little back yard.

Paw Paw grew all that AND taters along with corn. He also grew a large swath of strawberries. He believed firmly on growing the majority of his veggies. My Uncle Wiley did the same and did tobacco along with sows and chickens to eat.

I firmly believe all of this new era shit, including this thing I’m typing on and the technology associated with it has ruined our culture. Simpler times are gone and with it our values.