So, we had to finally cut the hair of the little man.  We waited a year almost.  His hair had gotten so long and curly, that it was sad to cut it.  I felt bad doing it.  I used a guard on my clippers and took inches off.  Below that brown, curly hair was blonde.  True blonde.  Not kinda blonde.  But blonde.

Not sure if that color is going to stay, but if it does, more power to the lil’ man!  He’s started walking too.  Not just a little.  He can make it virtually across the whole downstairs of the house on two legs versus crawling.  So, that part is a plus for him.  For me, I have to keep a better watch on that lil booger.  Being able to walk and almost run, he gives his middle sister hell.  She cannot stay away from him as much now unless she goes upstairs.  She does that sometimes, but it is rare.  She actually likes it when he chases her and vice-versa.

Times are a changing!