My middle child has picked up tons of words. 99% of them have been great. There is that little bit she picks up by hearing me or her mom. Even some of the crap her older sister says isn’t that wonderful. But, at least she is expanding her vocabulary.

In the same spirit, she is beginning to get all of her colors right. She also knows some letters. The best thing, and perhaps the proudest thing for her mom and me is the fact she can recite our dinner blessing by herself! Yes, that’s right. She can bless our food. It is awesome.

She has a new kick though. She likes using her markers that are washable. They come off things fairly easy when I wipe it up. Even down to her fingers and legs both. She just loves it. We saved a table from our oldest that she had when she was little. It came from Pottery Barn Kids and is sturdy. Katie is a bit short still, but when she tries she can get up into the chair just fine. She then uses the chair, sits right down and starts to color away.