Daily life has become more and more tiring lately. I don’t know if it’s because the littlest one has been up nights lately or if my issues with sleep are rearing their ugly heads again. All I know is that I find myself being tired a bit more lately than I have been in a while.

Part of it might be the time change and also allergy season. That has definitely affected all the kids. Abby has had several nights whereby she cannot get sleep. Katie has started to stir more too and wake up earlier than usual. She had been doing well until time change. The change in weather brought the head funk back to our house for both of the littlest ones and the wife. I had done well until a few days ago.

I’m also struggling to keep up with my daily list of to-do’s. Dishes, clothes, house work, they are lagging lately. I’ve got to buckle down and get back to my routine. It isn’t helping much that Katie is not really napping at all any longer. It is sad and frustrating both at the same time. I guess she just doesn’t want to.

And finally, just about the time things might get back to normal, school will be out and that will really just throw everything into a tizzy. Abby will have camps, trips and other stuff and that will just be ugh. Hopefully it will all settle down. But then again, when it starts to do so, school next year provides us with another challenge as her start time will soon be earlier. She hates waking up now, I cannot imagine what it is going to be like in a few months.

I love my wife and I love my kids!