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Again, I am held captive.  Captive to mother nature.  Yesterday she decided it needed to precipitate.  Rain, then sleet, then rain with sleet and snow.  Last night it continued on.  Late in the evening, somewhere near 9-which isn’t really late, our wonderful school system, @WCPSS, decided they’d delay school.  With their dumb-ass and moronic caveat to change and alter their decision at 7am the next morning.  For those who work outside the home, 7am is on the cusp of leaving home or finding out you need to stay home or find a sitter.  Yea, that last hour/minute sitter.  Good luck.

Alas, Mother Nature dropped sleet and freezing rain good enough to coat bridges and overpasses around Wake Co.  In doing so, school was cancelled early this morning.  So, I was home with all 3 kids.  Not a big deal at all.  Except that the older one likes to bitch, bicker, moan and complain about trivial shit.  She got pissed off that she wasn’t going to the doc this morning, but her mom was.  Her appt was optional, but momma’s was necessary.  I made the appointment and I don’t do that unless the Reaper is knocking on the front door. 

A shot, sinus infection and ear infection later the mrs. left the doc.  With script in hand for drugs too.  I feel bad for her.  When she gets ill, she gets ill.  For a long time I wasn’t sure if I was ill or broken.  Apparently I was sick because of being broken.  Now though, I try to NOT get sick.  I’ve got a decent track record.  Not great, but since Oct 2011 when I started my journey I have done well.

Today though, like clockwork, the tweener decided to bitch and complain.  I sent her packing back to her room.  Gone.  Hasta la vista, adios, ciao and all the other UN standard sayings.  She was NOT going to be pissy all day.  About two hours later she emerged, via iTouch chat to ask to eat.  OOPS.  She was fed.  And watered. 

The rest of the day worked out well.  The girls had lunch together as Tank slept in his crib.  Today went well.  Thank goodness there is NO weather-related reason she wil be home tomorrow.  PERIOD.  NONE. 

I love winter.  I love snow, cold temps, ice, sleet, etc.  I do.  I love it.  It doesn’t bother me to drive in it.  I love to sled too.  But, I am with my wife at this point I believe.  After 10 days or so of inclement weather resulting in closing schools….it’s time.  Blue jays and cardinals, squirrels and geese, all come forward.  Lillies and azaleas start yer blooming engines.  Miracle Corner….come alive with the spirit of Bobby Jones.  Spring…..PLEASE SHOW YOUR PRETTY ASS!