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Never think.  At least that is starting to become my mantra.  NOT to think.  It doesn’t do me any good, rather more harm.  I thought my stomach bug had left town.  Adios.  Ciao.  Buh Bye.  Nope.  It laid dormant.  It came roaring back on Friday.  It sent me reeling and on my butt until late Sunday.  I wouldn’t have gotten up then.  But I had to resume normal operations on Monday.

That made for the catalyst for the beginning of a long-ass week.  A tweener who thinks the whole entire world revolves around her.  Dinner should be what she wants.  We should not depart until the morning when she is ready.  Chores-oh, that is what we are for…not her.  Give me a flipping break.  She has her own issues.  But now, as she is aging, she is beginning to spread her problems over to others and not take any responsibility for a single thing she does.

For instance, how hard is it to freaking hang up a towel after a shower?  I think it would be as easy as say, oh, wiping your ass after pooping.  Not with her.  She wadded it up and left it on her bed.  Yes, I wrote bed.  I guess she thinks she wants a waterbed?  What the hell?  She had to go right back to the bathroom to brush her teeth.  But towel hanging…beneath her.

Getting out of the house on time.  Now, to be honest, mornings do not appeal to me.  Never have.  I can stay up all night though.  And then mornings don’t bother me.  My oldest doesn’t do mornings.  She refuses to be on time.  EVER.  She will inevitably be the one who is late to her own funeral in the end.  The hearse driver will stop at red lights while all others drive on to the grave.  She refuses to do it.  And that goes right along with her arguing.  She is NEVER wrong.  Ever.  She will not own a thing.  Nothing she ever does is wrong.  She will argue with a rock if she thinks she will gain something.

It is all starting to wear on the family as a whole though.  I have two little ones younger than her who are VERY impressionable. And her actions and behavior are starting to wear on us all.  She continues to act this way around all of us.  But it is beginning to be a problem with her siblings.  She will act however she wants.  And yet again, nothing works as far as punishment.  Nothing at all.  We worried when she was younger that she might harm her siblings.  Unfortunately, I am beginning to think more and more about this. 

This has only continued to progress this week.  I reset her bedtime and moved it back to an earlier time in hopes of being able to get her up and going earlier.  Nope.  It hasn’t worked either.  I’m beginning to sense futility in everything I do with her.  God help us.

I love my wife and I love my kids!