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As I sit here tonight, it is ACC weekend.  25 years ago tonight I lost my eye to an accident involving a pellet gun.  Yea, yea, go ahead with the Christmas Story jokes.  I didn’t shoot my eye out wise-asses. I just blew out the optic nerve.  It reminds me that you never know when things might change.  Unfortunately though, it would appear that some things never change.  I am watching my alma mater NC State play Syracuse in the ACC tournament.  I may be wrong, and won’t know for about another 20 minutes, but I’m going to bank on us losing.  We had a decent lead earlier and now it’s back really close. 

We have an uncanny knack to blow a good chance as a basketball team.  Hell, our athletics program lately has been that way in many of our sports.  Am I resigned to defeat?  Kinda, sorta, maybe.  Yes.  Our team stinks in basketball.  We should pack it in, close down the team and use the PNC Arena for horse riding and bull riding.  Kids on campus have club teams for these.  Why not bring that to the forefront?  We can rope and ride.  Perhaps an indoor some kinda NCAA team venue.

With about 4 minutes to go, we have a, nope, we are now losing.  Wow, with this kinda insight I should open up a fortune telling business.