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This weekend, as every weekend, I had the illustrious task of doing the grocery shopping.  I had to go to the location that I hate the most.  Yes, hate.  The MECCA of retail shopping.  WalMart.  UGH.  I consider that to be hell on earth.  Now, I’ve never been to THE hell, but its got to be close.

It was full.  Packed end to end.  25 cash register stations and for a change, MANY were open.  That isn’t it.  Neither are the people who walk right up to my cart looking in it while I am looking at the display racks or items on shelves.  Like my cart is the discard cart. 

After I was done I had to run the gauntlet.  It never fails, if or when I have to venture to WalHell, someone is collecting money, selling something or begging for something outside the front doors.  This day was no different.  Girl Scouts.  For the record, we spent an ungodly amount of money on those this year.  Just suffice it to say, good old Ben Franklin was involved. 

Beyond the running past these people hawking their wares or goods on the sidewalk, there are the drivers who don’t understand crosswalks or those speed humps/bumps.  And with a cart with that stuck and non-working wheel, I feel like a deer in the view of the scope on a rifle.  People just don’t care about the pedestrians.  Funny, they don’t realize that in a few minutes after they park a half mile away, they then become the pedestrians too.  And then I will be in my car…….just saying.