Not one digit, but two.  Not 9 any longer. The same number of fingers and toes.  The reference number used in ten little indians the song.  If we are talking about mph, or rpm, it is slow.  If we are talking about the number of chips you get for a snack, that’s nothing.  

In my case, I’m referring to the fact that yesterday our oldest daughter turned 10.  Honestly, a couple of years ago when she started to “change” by slamming doors and talking back and doing other things, I wasn’t sure she’d see this milestone.  For many a birthday is nothing.  For a kid, it can be a huge deal.  This time, its the big two digits and no longer just 9. 

You know…Dad, I’m 10 now.  I’m not a little girl.  Uh, no dear, you are and will always be my little girl.  PERIOD.  But nowadays things are hugely different.  There are iPhones, the Internet, Wii games, face timing on Apple products, etc.  Kids in elementary school throw parties during the year.  Not just for birthdays any longer.  There are clothing stores that have stuff that would make both Mother Teresa and Ron Jeremy blush. 

We spent the day doing things fun.  Well, weekend really.  For her it started Sat night with dinner and bowling out with momma.  With took turns as trying to gather up two kids, age 2 and 10 months, to go along with this party stuff is crazy.  Then on Sunday, the true birthday, we headed to church and then I took her to lunch, then to hit golf balls-which she loved, and then to grab her a new shirt and then home.  When we got home she had to hunt over the house for presents. 

I think all the way around she had a good time.  We did have a party planned, but I will rant on that later.

I love my wife and I love my kids!