The end of basketball season for our oldest came last weekend.  I’d had enough by the end of the season with the whole crappy process.  From the beginning with sign ups, to evaluations of the kids to the first practice all the way to the last game where the game was reffed by Bubba and Leroy.

Game one, they let the girls know some stuff would be called and some stuff wouldn’t be in regards to rules such as double dribble, fouls, etc.  Each week, rules changed, refs changed, refs interpretation of the rules changed, etc.  Not only that, by the last game, things that were called in-game one wasn’t being called now.  We lost all of our games but the last one.  Several were blowouts.  Those I don’t dispute.  I don’t really dispute many of them other than one other game that had the ref done his shit right, we would have had a chance.

Hey, you win some and you lose some.  What you cannot do though is sit by and watch stupid.  The final game we were the home team.  There is NO jump ball.  Rather, the home team is given the ball.  So, we were off.  Then there was a jump ball.  We were given the ball again.  Yes, you read that right.  It should have gone to the other team.  The arrow wasn’t turned.  Then, the first period went on, and then we had another jump ball.  Our girls were given the ball again.  That made twice we should NOT have been given the ball.  I stood up and told the ref, who I unfortunately used to be in Sunday School with, that the call was wrong.  He told me to sit and I did.

Later that day, I didn’t mention him or the program by name, but posted something about it online.  He went off and told me I wasn’t being Christian.  If cheating is akin to lying, and lying and cheating both are sins, how is giving the wrong team the ball over and over again-which goes beyond a simple mistake-Christian?  Pot kettle?

This guy is a moron.  He told me if I thought I knew so much about the game I should get out there and do it next year.  Why should I do that when I can enjoy endless hours of him and his fellow refs being idiotic morons and making a laughing-stock out of the game Dr. Naismith invented.  If he watches this guy ref, I’m sure he’s rolling in his grave and banging on the casket trying to get out and come down here to smack him one good time.

We won the last game.  By a point.  You know, that if the other calls had been made properly we may have lost.  You gotta wonder how that other team felt…