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Ok, we tried.  My wife and I both did.  I secured a location for my daughter’s birthday party.  We invited 30 kids or so who are her friends at church, a couple at school and then her entire basketball team.  The party was at a jump location.  There was to be jumping, games, pizza for dinner and cake. 

We mailed and hand-delivered invites.  In the invites we made a simple request.  To let us know either YES or NO if they were coming.  I heard from 5.  My wife heard from a few more.  All in all, perhaps half let us know.  We had to cancel.  Why?  Because we NEVER heard from enough people to warrant the HUGE outlay of money.  I’m talking about several hundred dollars. 

Now, in my day, my momma being from the south would have done two things.  The RSVP would have been answered the day we got it.  And unless it conflicted with us being out of town, a funeral or someone in the family having a birthday of their own-and that wasn’t even a must, my ass would have been at the party.  That is common decency. 

Those who RSVP’d to me, a few of them and a few others I caught wind of, gave us various reasons they could not be there.  Out of town, a family thing already scheduled, and a party already. Let’s see, two of the out of towners, lo and behold, God found a way for them to be here.  One who had something scheduled, nope.  Remember, kids are honest.  So, when a parent RSVP’s and says that the kid can’t come because of something, then the morning after or day after the party was going to be held the kid fesses up and says they didn’t do that thing and they were never going to do said thing, I get pissed.

If you don’t like my kid, ok.  Odds are, I don’t like your curtain climbing, lap rat of a child who has their own emotional and psycho tendencies either.  Tell me you don’t want my kid and your kid being together.  No matter the fact they play together, etc. when our sorry asses aren’t around. 

Then after we tell you that it’s cancelled, don’t hand me the boo-hoo shit and then tell my kid or us that your kid will bring my kids gift over the weekend.  My kid didn’t nor did we ask for any gifts.  But, telling my kid that the gift will be  to them over the weekend and then shitting out, that’s bad.  Bad parenting, bad human actions, bad existence. 

I love my wife and I love my kids!