This weekend Abby scored her first points in basketball. Two baskets. She got fouled on another shot but missed the free throws. She played the best she has all season. A defensive terror with four take aways. Two blocked shots and hustle like I haven’t seen out of her before.

I’m afraid though she might have missed a chance to play with a couple of really good coaches. The guys I’m talking about set plays, run a clean game and work with their girls to bring out the best in them. They don’t kill them, nor do they treat them bad. Instead they treat them with dignity and respect that little ladies deserve. See, they are getting more with honey than vinegar. That old adage is so clear. I enjoy watching that team play and playing against them. They are a class act.

I’m hoping as time goes on Abby will get a chance to develop more and grow, athletically and spiritually both.

I love my wife and I love my kids!