I’m almost forty and still learning. Daily. Especially with little kids at home. They teach me a lot. Recently our family was hit with an issue. Suffice it to say, we thought we knew what was going on, but it was confirmed. And in that confirmation, I have learned that I need to reevaluate how I talk about others and what I say.

It hit me this weekend when reading a Facebook post. Suddenly I was hit in the gut. Talking about folks with medical, mental or social issues is no longer cool. Granted, talking about them in any derogatory way isn’t cool. SMALL STEPS for me is what I’m doing. Stopping use of terms and words I used to spew like I would eat cookies is something I’m working on. Those mean and hateful words.

This particular post made me cry. It made me realize, even though they weren’t talking about my family member directly, they were. It was an all-inclusive society crack. Something that made me cry and realize, people are saying these things about my family member. And dear God, help us. Them and me.

It’s something that they cannot help. They are trying, but they can’t help it. And it hurts me that I cannot fix it. I cannot mend it, kiss it or make it better. Nothing I can do is going to take away the pain or stigma. But I can build them up, quit talking badly to them because I thought they were doing this on purpose when in reality, they cannot help it. It is something that they can concentrate on, but that won’t even help. God bless em’!