Ok, so, I’m a guy. Yea, duh right? Why are girls just so mean to each other? Rude, hateful and it’s my way or you can’t be my friend? Can’t? Who the hell died a second death in Heaven and made you Christ? Um, nobody. Albeit I’m not privy to or up on the latest heavenly headlines, I’m pretty sure God would’ve let us know if he’d decided to say put Abe Lincoln in charge up there.

But, you can’t be my friend? Ok. Well, in that case, you can’t talk to me. Yep, I said that and I’d love for some kid to implement that rule. Recently my daughter, who by the way missed the patience and saint and chill out lines in utero, had an instance where she acknowledged trouble with friends. She did this in a group setting. She mentioned no names of anyone in that setting. None. However, one person there thought she was being talked about. Nope. However, she made a HUGE and OVERSIZED deal out of it. Crying and telling her momma about it. Mind you my child had already addressed this issue with her and said she was NOT talking about her.

My daughter even called the girl to talk it out AFTER the mom said it might be a good idea. Nope. Didn’t work.

Then, in steps little girls granny. Oh yeah. So, we have momma who spoke to my kid, and now granny. Really? How pathetic. My child feels like she is being ganged up on. Much ado about nothing is how I would characterize it. But others have chosen to make an issue. So, momma bear and I are waiting in the wings until we have to make a meal out of someone else’s emotions. And I’m not above or I guess below playing dirty. My wife is. Me, I go in guns blazing while asking Lucifer to join me if need be. Not a great quality, but sometimes in life you’ve got to be an ass.