Ok, so I know several people smoke. I mean personally I know a few. But, why do it with your kids in the car? Or around them at all? The health issues and dangers far outweigh any freaking benefit your sorry asses get. There’s nothing to tell your kids you love them like subjecting them to second hand smoke, chemicals, and respiratory issues.

Personally I would have to think no parent with any damn sense would do that. But hell, what do I know? I never thought I’d see parents doing that and half the other crap they do now. I mean, it is 2014, right? Beyond that is the whole idea of letting people sleep over if you aren’t married to them while your kids are there! Hello, ho around much? What is that teaching? “Oh mommy has a special friend who stays over”. Yea, ok.

Maybe I’m changing? I just don’t want stupid shit for or around my kids anymore! I know I’ve got shit to change too. My language is one of them! Here I go…..