Our oldest is playing organized basketball for the first time. She tried soccer, tball, gymnastics and dance. She has expressed an interest in doing soccer again which might just be best. First game we lost by 23. Second game by 8. I’m hoping this coming weekend we can close the gap even further.

But, here’s what is tough. Not getting thrown out because every 20-30 seconds the ref, who is geriatric anyway, blows the whistle and won’t let the girls play. Last week, one of our girls had to tie her shoe, they played on. This week the opposing team had that issue, 27 seconds were lost off the clock. Our league doesn’t allow defense until crossing half court. So, the other coach made his girls slow down and not cross half court several times to milk the clock further. Last week and this week the referees were giving high fives to the opposition. Our girls, nada….zilch.

Our team is the shortest and has been slighted with experience too. It is tough to watch. God knows these little girls hustle and play their hearts out. It hurts to see them called down for stuff while others aren’t. I know, I’m one-sided because my kid plays. Ah, not so fast. Three moms from the other team from this weekend all talked to me and questioned what was up with the refs too.

No three seconds in the lane was called on us no fewer than five times Saturday. Meanwhile, I counted twice where the other team pitched a tent in the lane for 7 and 8 seconds!

I feel like picking the refs up and playing with them like Sulley does with Randall in Monsters, Inc. Just once. Ok, I’m putting the soap box away.