Jeb learned how to all out crawl last week. He did a little shuffle the week prior. Last week, it was on. Now I cannot move without turbo boy coming after me. Whether it is to do dishes, throw trash out, the restroom….he’s there! Katie doesn’t pay attention to that unless he’s in her way or using something she wants. Last week he hit the table or chair leg for our dining room set. Today it was the leg on one of our chairs in the den. It bothers him unlike Katie who hit things and kept going.

This morning at 5:33 I was awoken to him calling out in his way from the crib. I get up and go to him and see him sitting up, waiting on me. I brought him to the bed to snuggle on me since momma had to sleep beside Katie from midnight on. This was the first time since learning to crawl that he’s really slowed down to let me snuggle with him. I relished that!

I love my wife and I love my kids!!