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My time, even though I don’t work outside of the home, should be just as important as other folks time.  Lately I have run into this problem.  My daughter has a weekly appointment.  For the last three weeks, the person has been late.  During the recent Christmas shopping time, my oldest and I waited and waited and waited at a Belk’s store.  After 20 minutes of waiting I gave up and left.  We waited 13 minutes in a drive thru line the other night.  I had to wait at Target recently for a prescription pick up.  It had been called in 3 hours prior and when I got there I was told it was not ready.  The clerk gave my info to the pharmacist who told her it had already been done.  And lo and behold, it was in the bin.  The clerk wasn’t up to snuff on the latest customer service technique of paying attention.

I don’t know why now that I have more time on my hands or I guess less-structured time that I get pissier about people screwing me over with my time.  The last two visits to the pediatrician have been this way too.  The appointments have lasted well over 90 minutes.  Yea, I’m thinking I could see 3 kids in that time frame and that is doing a 30 minute appointment.

I know others have worse stories than I do.  I just don’t like having to make any of the kids wait on shit that makes no sense.  I should NOT have to wait or stay at a doctor’s office for that long.  An emergency room, ok.  Doc’s office, no.  Waiting at Belk’s and still not getting helped after that long?  Unacceptable.  Lucky for us Macy’s was down the way.  And food, oh heavens.  At the drive through, the one item that takes the longest to cook takes a little over 6 minutes.  And they are batch cooked meaning multiples are done.  So, unless you have a team or bus in the lane ahead of me, my two-year old would like to be happy now with her Happy Meal.

I love my wife and I love my kids!