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Ok, I made it. Well, sort of. Not really. Ok, I failed. I had tried to make it through Christmas Day without crying a single tear. A tear for any reason. Whether or not it was because my oldest opened a gift I put together for her that was a photo collage, or because my middle child kept tearing through gift after gift or because my son experienced his first Christmas. There was a tear for each of those. Or perhaps it was because I missed my mom being able to be at my home watching her grandkids open presents. Or it could be that I tried desperately to find a gift for my wife and finally found it! Any of these reasons could be why I shed tears this Christmas.

Or it could be for other reasons I don’t know or haven’t thought about. Not having my mom here to sit with us and see my kids is pretty damn tough. However, my kids get to see Nana and Papaw-my wife’s folks- which by all accounts are the best grandparents ANY kid could ask for. Nana with her stern, yet loving side. Papaw could be pushed over by a leaf or feather. They are both great. They remind me of my nannie and paw paw.

This year for them my wife got really creative and made a book for them. One of those photo books. It brought her to tears-nana that is and papaw said it was the best gift ever. Those two things lead my wife to tears which lead me to tears. All the kids were having fun opening stuff while we old people cried.

Two of the best things I got where a cookie tin and a ball. Yes, I am almost 40 and I said that. The cookie tin see was a gift that I feel certain my mother in law who I call mom picked up for me. It was decorated with Steamboat Willie on top. That brought me to tears! Then, later on, after I had dried my eyes, my father in law handed me a gift for me & Jeb. Huh?

I opened it and it was a football. A red and white football. For me and Jeb. I was done. Stick a fork in me. Tears of joy coupled with laughing! It was more than I could have ever imagined. I had the best Christmas with this stuff!

But it wasn’t over. Tonight I gave Phyllis her last gift. I found a photo frame that said Live, Love, Laugh on it. It is a long, horizontal frame that holds 3 pictures that are 4×6″. I put a picture of each of our kids, as fairly new babies in each spot. Abby nor her new what it was when I gave it to her tonight. She bawled. She was so excited to get it. That made it all for me, right then and right there.

I love my wife and I love my kids! Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!