As I sit here tonight watching my 9 year old, I’m wondering where the time has gone. On the way to basketball practice for her tonight, we passed an apartment community. Abby didn’t know you could decorate your apt for Christmas at all. I flashed back and told her about our first apartment. Tiny one bedroom that at one point we shared with 3 dogs and 5 cats. But, luckily my awesome wife Phyllis made sure it was decorated to the hilt! She has always been great at that.

Garland and a decorated mantle. Lights on our deck. A tree in our den AND a smaller tree in the bedroom. We even had wall decorations. So, when Abby noticed the apartment it brought me back 16 years! Our first Christmas we bought each other a little bit of everything. A wallet for me that I had I bet five years until a dog got it. Calendars, bath and body works stuff, clothes. Fast forward back.

We didn’t know that in 15 years we’d be buying for three kids. Now it’s blocks, clothes, DVDs and cars. That first Christmas with my wife by far has been my best Christmas ever. Nothing against my kids. Nor my mom. But that was true love. It still IS true love.

I love my wife and I love my kids!