Used to is a close cousin to should’ve, would’ve and could’ve. They all are part of the family of excuses that we all use in life. I should’ve or they would’ve or he/she could’ve are as much a part of everyday life as air. We blame someone or something else. All of us do it. Whether right or wrong, that’s up to you and your conscience and your maker.

Kinda like I used to have a bigger family than I do. Yes, some have died, while others are just dead to me. I had a mom, father and three siblings. Mom died 25 years ago and the others are just dead to me. They don’t include my kids or wife in a thing. I could care less about me. But they haven’t seen or met my son and middle kid. Well, my siblings haven’t. Oh well. They don’t even bother asking my kids and wife to shit. My father is a pompous right wing nut job who forgets it was his dads generation and hard work that helped to build this country. They never got along either. A pattern huh? These people just have left us out in the cold and that’s fine. God has a plan for y’all!

Thanksgiving was spent today with the family I do have and love. My wife who despite all my faults and shit loves me. My kids, who yes I am tough on, love me. Not sure why, but they do. Then I have the people who’ve become my mom and dad. My in-laws. We’ve come a long way. I love them and they love me. And that’s all that matters.

Below is the picture of the ones who don’t care. As you can tell, we weren’t invited to my fathers seventieth party as we aren’t in the pic. We got no invite to Thanksgiving either. That’s fine. Enjoy right wing life you whackadoos!