This morning I was lucky & blessed enough to present my son Jeb at church for baby dedication Sunday along with my wife, Phyllis. They do it in the fall and spring both. He was too young in the spring, so we chose now. Quite a wonderful thing given that Thanksgiving is Thursday. My in-laws were there too which was great!

But also, this is the time of year whereby people gush over what they are thankful for. I’m thankful for my wife, my kids, our dog and Jesus and God. That isn’t an all-inclusive list. Not by any means. As I get more kids and age, I find my list of thankfulness no longer covers any materialistic things.

People have their 30 days of thankfulness, writing thanks lists, etc and it is a big deal. And I don’t fault people. I think it’s great. But what’s wrong with 365 days of thanks? I have plenty of friends and even my wife posts daily what they are thankful for this month to outwardly show and perhaps to remind themselves to not take things for granted. I am so pissed though that more and more stores are opening on Thanksgiving this year. It is crazy. Why? Are we that freaking greedy of a society? Our pastor touched on it in his sermon today too. I had blown a gasket two weeks ago when I found out more stores were gonna do it.

A few things caught me off guard this morning too at church with it being the “holiday season”. And I know we all have differing views on what to be thankful for, etc. One thing was someone said that the thought or idea of Thanksgiving makes them thankful for Black Friday. Really? Shopping is what you are thankful for? Not a family, job, food,etc but the ability to line the pockets of the worlds biggest corporations? Yea, about that, you have a call on line two. It’s Jesus. He’d like a word.

Second was the idea that someone echoed and agreed with Nordstrom about they take only one holiday at a time. Meaning no Christmas decorations will go up until after Thanksgiving is done.

Really? We should be celebrating the birth of Christ year round folks. Leave up ornaments and trees all year round. I still have last years tree in my garage. It was on my back patio, in the stand, with green, until after July 4th when someone ratted on me to the HOA. Then I was told to remove it or face leaving the neighborhood.

Finally, the third thing that irked me was along the same lines as waiting to decorate. It was stated by someone that on Dec 26 they take down the decorations or could do it and that was ok with them. Say huh? Yes, you too. Line 3. His daddy now wants a word too. Something about He is the Creator and your attitude is really starting to wear on His patience.

I believe we need to be thankful year round. Not just 1 or 30 days. We need to celebrate His birth year round too. Not just one day. Mardi Gras is a celebration. Hanukkah and Kwanza both are too that last days on end. But Christmas is when people give it 24 hours and it’s centered on shopping. It begins with the idea that people are thankful for shopping beginning on the day when your ass should be sitting home with family and friends that God has given you.

Folks, as a society our priorities are out of whack. I remember as a kid we had blue laws. No business like Kroger or Eckerd was open before noon on Sunday. And forget anything being open on Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter. Nope. Nothing. Now, stores run 24x7x365. Walmart wants to make it look good this year by saying they are bringing in catered food from outside to feed staff on a Thanksgiving. Get real.

Your priorities need fixing. Mine do too as I’m not perfect. But I’ll be damned if I’m shopping on Thursday.

I love my kids and I love my wife!!