Well, it would appear my daughter has a crush. I’m not certain about the reciprocity of said crush as of yet. I’ve not had the time to ask the young man. Besides, what do you say to a 9 year old? “Excuse me boy, what are your intentions with my girl?” And after he has completely shat his britches at 9, then I get to feel bad.

She actually worries what he thinks, how she looks, what she wears to church, etc. But this means that I have more ammunition in my daddy arsenal when she misbehaves. Not let her see him! YES. But, she also has to worry about all the other little girls. They get involved with the he said crap and ugh! How lovely.

See, I’ve come to find out girls are nasty. As a guy, I never saw that crap growing up. However, it’s different now. I worry about her feelings, what is said to her, if I need to slash tires.

I just don’t get girls. But luckily, I’ve got a great wife who does.

I love my kids and I love my wife!