Where did the rest of the year go?  It’s about seven weeks until Christmas.  I’ve got no idea what or how this years going to play out from Santa.  Yes, a worry of mine.  But, I know I’ll be thankful to just have all my kids happy and healthy!  But seriously, it’s fall. Halloween is gone, Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  Then Christmas.  I’ve got to plan better!  

Fall growing up meant a trip to the mountains to see trees, play on the Parkway and visit various places.  Now, I’ve got the desire to do the same with my kids, just not the means.  Single income family means there’s a lot we go without in terms of outside the house recreation unless it’s free.  I’ve seen a movie outside of my house in 3 years.  I’ve played golf four times in 10 years.  Fishing, yea right.   The kids are at about the same level of loss.  We did do the fair this year.  Money that could’ve been better spent on other things!

With fall also comes cooking.  Turkey, ham, potatoes, stuffing, etc.  I miss those holiday meals of momma’s and nanny.  Those are great memories.  With our little family, we are making some of our own memories.  My wife has been pregnant all Thanksgivings before the birth of the kids.  Last year about four months into it.  Katie was born about two weeks after in 2011.

I am happy fall is here.  I’m just hoping to enjoy it some more!  

I love my kids and I love my wife!