Sounds like a football game huh? Third down, 23 yards to go. Nope. Third tooth and 23 months. Yes, this last weekend Katie became a step closer to two and Jeb’s third tooth broke through. His teething combined with the time change and Katie’s reluctance to go along with the time change made for a lovely weekend.

Sunday morning made for a bad time with the time change. Katie got up way too early. Luckily my wife took that duty. Jeb followed suit too. Both apparently waking around five I think. I know they were both awake today well before six. That was in part to our neighbors having an emergency and the ems and fire truck were outside. Flashing lights shortly after five wakes up little ones! Who would’ve guessed? I’m thankful my wife lets me try to sleep a bit in the mornings.

Now that tooth number three is here, I’m hoping for the others to come through better and quickly for all our sake. He got it over the weekend as I said and appears to know its there! Watching facial expressions of a teething child can be fun. On top of that, he’s started to make way more sounds and noises. Fun!

As for Katie, she’s just going ahead full steam. Not knowing she will be two in a month, she’s just loving life. Well, not bedtime. But that’s another story. One month and then we start going more by numbers in years versus months. Where has the time gone?

I love my kids and I love my wife!