No matter how many times you read Ziglar, Robbins or other motivators, we all still have bad days. Days will suck. Therefore, life needs a reset button. It will never happen, but it is needed. Reset a career or job. You know, we take a job that LOOKS awesome. And it may be that way for a while. Then you wake up realizing you must go to work. Yes, must. No longer is it you want to go. Ugh. Bad decision! Hit reset.

Then inevitably, unless you are lucky enough to have the second Christ as your child, you will have problems with sass, smart talk, back talk, etc. It happens at some level to everyone. You get stretched way too thin in the area of patience. You no longer envision Ichabod and the headless horseman, rather parent and headless smart aleck child. They push us. Hit reset.

You have little ones. They scream for no clear reason. I mean really scream. Fed-check. Changed-check. Burped and rocked- check. Then they sit or lay screaming for no reason and nothing helps. You walk to the mailbox, even at 11 in the morning, knowing mail doesn’t come until dinner just to not hear screams. But, you hear them at the street. Hit reset.

But, there is NO reset. Only life. We choose to mentally reset. Breathe in and out. Remembering that yes, even life is a temporary season! RESET!

I love my kids and I love my wife!