We all have our firsts and Abby had one this weekend. Her first party outside of a birthday party. It was a Halloween party at a friends house from school. Along with classmates were sixth graders which had me worried. I know sixth grade boys. I was one 25+ years ago. And times haven’t changed much. Well at least not with boys.

The party consisted of dancing, games, soccer, a haunted house and food! Burritos, pizza bites, cupcakes and more. But I think what was the most fun to her was just being there. Being with school friends for four hours. Some had costumes and some didn’t. Abby didn’t which I think is great. Great because, I know too how sixth grade girls are. So, she made it through unscathed for the most part less one bumped up eye.

I think she will make it to other parties. I’m just hoping others are this low-key. She had a ball I think and that’s good for her. She deserved it! Four hours with her friends. Time away from us. Here’s to another stepping stone in life achieved for her.

I love my kids and I love my wife!