Last summer, the highlight of the summer for Abby and us both was her attending NC 4-H camp down in the eastern part of the state. She absolutely loved it. I found out last week that our local 4-H-er’s were going to be headed to a different location this coming summer. Cool I thought! Abby will have another new experience.

By Monday, that was gone. NC State University, which manages the 4-H Camps across NC decided to shutter and close 4 of the 6 camps. So, as of right now, Abby has NO camp for next summer. I haven’t told her yet. I don’t know how to explain something like this. Not even in my best daddy or best poitician spin do I know how to fix this problem.

I understand wholly the idea that all of us need to buckle down and save money. What I don’t understand is how the State of NC decides what the hell is important. For instance, street fairs and carnivals are important. So are these bullshit festivals from Murphy to Manteo. But, when it comes to educational camps in NC, what the hell are they thinking?

These camps aren’t just for farm kids or future farmers or agriculture specialists. They teach so much more than that to kids of today. They offer so much more about life and how to live right. I’m home all day all summer so it wouldn’t be any difference in regards to that if Abby was here or not.

I want my kids to be able to learn stuff. To grow and expand their minds. To realize that there are tons of things and places outside of this God-forsaken place known as Raleigh and even NC.

I never have been outside of the US. I have been up and down the eastern seaboard from NY to NJ to MD to DC to VA to SC to GA to FL. I’ve been in TN, WVA, TX and CA. I’ve even been in Ohio. I want more for Abby, Katie and Jeb than I had. Better schools, a better environment, and certainly an all-around better place.

The closing of these camps is just the beginning, NO, the further disintegration of anything having to do with learning in North Carolina. Our educational and learning system is in such disarray that I am ashamed to say I live here.

I love my kids and I love my wife!