On the way home last night I felt my momma in the car. Ok, this isn’t some kinda freaky ghostly experience. This is me finding myself turning around over my shoulder to my two girls and asking them to “stop it”. Yes, I did that. They were basically blowing gigantic raspberries or “spitting” at one another. It started harmlessly and quite honestly finished that way. I could see my mom doing that as she did to myself and next older brother. I can’t remember her ever doing it to my other siblings, just us two as the youngest.

Abby and Katie love each other so much. It is apparent. Katie was upset that Abby had to do her homework last night. She followed Abby to her door. And then was left outside her room. So, she started to cry. Abby reopened the door and calmed her down. Then, the two of them were able to play a tad bit more later on.

But, driving down the beltline on the way home last night I heard giggling. Which turned into laughter. Which turned into the two of them doing their routine. I didn’t yell the whole “stop it now or I’ll pull this car over” bit. But when I did tell them to stop being so loud-because trying to concentrate in afternoon traffic is hard enough-they basically did it to me. BLLLLAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, just like that. They blahed me. And to think, one of these is 9 and the other is almost 2. I have a long road ahead!

I love my kids and I love my wife!