One thing is for sure, 95% of the time now we are NOT on time since having three kids. When it was just Phyllis and me, we were. Even with only Abby it went well. We wanted to be at the fair by 9:00 or a tad after yesterday morning. Um, nope. 11:30 is when we entered the grounds. And that was after an hour in the car. Can we say lots of anxiety?

Nothing about how they direct traffic is orderly. It is chaos at its finest. People don’t listen to the cops nor do the drivers. They send you to lots and gates that don’t exist. Entering the fair? You could bring anything short of a bazooka inside and be fine. I came in with a HUGE bag and a camera bag. Neither were searched. Feel unsafe much? No bag check. No metal detectors. Nada.

Rides are meant for anyone over 36″ which has changed. I should’ve checked before we went. Katie was able to ride one with Abby. That’s it. That sucked. When Abby was two, she rode most rides in the kiddie area. Not Katie. And she enjoyed the one with Abby so much that the attendant had to get her off while she kept screaming “ride truck” for the fire truck. Huge disappointment.

The food is still the same- overpriced and greasy. I’ve noticed as I’ve aged, the food is nastier. I did eat fried veggies. Those were great. Turkey leg was yuck. I ate some fudge that used to be good….no longer. I drank four diet sodas which literally were the best food part!

We did no exhibition halls. No way I was going to put Abby and Katie through that hell. Nor Phyllis for that matter. Before Katie was born, Abby loved those halls. It wasn’t even fun to people watch this year. The fun part, even for the chaos, short fuses and short attention spans was to be together as a family. A unit.

We may not currently be fair people and probably won’t be for another three to four years. But we are still a family. A family of six. Yes, six. Three kids, two parents and Emmy the hound. Katie asked again to take her with us. She didn’t make it. Rest assured, she will go with us on other family trips though. We’ve learned, no fair for at least three more years. Luckily Walt Disney World isn’t the fair. Thank you Walt for realizing little people matter too!!

I love my kids and I love my wife!