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Between Katie being sick, the wife not feeling well, the dog acting like a doofus, the oldest one going through some kind of tween changes, this has been one helluva week. Katie had a rough go of it this week with a fever that at one point reached 104 degrees. YUCK! She was taken to the doc and had every conceivable thing done. I mean EVERY! Blood taken, swabs up the nose, catheter-yes folks a catheter-to get a sample and other various things. It appears that unlike us adults, little kids don’t just pee on command. So, she’s been out of sorts all week which I truly believe Jeb senses.

The Mrs. has not felt well either. A low grade fever, tired, achy and stress all amount to yuck for her too. Having a nine year old who thinks she knows it all just is the topping to the cake. Working all week and then coming home to me is not picnic for her either. But, alas, she does it and I am super thankful. I’m just hoping that she can get some rest. We will have some time soon without the kids so we might get some rest….yep, a few hours at church when our kids are with other adults. Um, is it bad to say we’d like to find an empty classroom at church and crawl up on the floor to sleep for a while?

The 9 year old is in her “mode”. The I don’t care, I’m not going to listen to you, I will slam doors and wake up babies and yell at you and scream at you and basically tell you off and that it doesn’t matter what you say or do to me I am still here to impart misery on you mood. Yep, that is her! Ok, so a few of you may think that is heartless. No, what I typed was the NICE stuff. I left out the mean stuff as I try my best to keep this G-rated. It doesn’t always work and well, for that, I am human. But the kid is worrying about a boy at church. Worries about how she looks, what she wears, etc. Could give a rat’s butt about some school stuff. It’s funny, she worries about looks but man, remind her to take a shower and she is all over you like white on rice. “Why? I’m clean. It’s been 24 hrs and 13 minutes since my last bath.” Uh-huh.

Jeb is Jeb. 99% of the time he could care less about what happens as long as you feed him, change him and play with him. He doesn’t like to be alone, nor does he like it when u step into another room. He loves eye contact. Not really sure how he falls asleep given his anxiety on the being alone bit. But hey, whatever works! He’s started to enjoy yogurt this week. I chose to do this and I think my wife thought I was nuts at first. Phyllis thought I had fed it to him on a spoon. I tried. He wasn’t going to have much of that. I then proceeded to mix it with formula. OH BAYBEE!!!! He was on it. He loves it. First vanilla. Then today, it was orange cream. Let me say he just cannot get enough.

This weekend hopefully we will be able to get a few things done. My house is quickly becoming overly full of crap again. There are piles and piles of crap and junk. My garage was a little cleaner three months ago. Not now. I bought a brand new dresser for our oldest. It has now been sitting in her room, unfinished and not put together for over 6 months. Yep, I am that procrastinator.

At some point this weekend I would like to get some version of sleep. So would my wife. I hope that we can realize that goal. It would be nice.

I love my kids and I love my wife!