It amazes me the love my two youngest share. Katie has been feeling not so wonderful for this week. Yet, she worries more about her Jebby than anything else.

When I pack up for afternoon carpool, he’s first on her list. “Take Jebby” she says to me. Then she mentions the dog and finally herself. At age 23 months, I’m beginning to think she will be a saint in life. All other things come first. Then she may worry about herself.

She holds his hand as they ride in the truck together. They can see each other in their car seats, his rear facing and her straight. I’d love to know the conversations only the two of them can decipher. Whether it’s about food, toys, Emmy, Abby or me and Phyllis. She even hugs him when he’s upset.

I’ve written about this before I know. But it just is simply amazing to me!

I love my kids and I love my wife!