When I was a kid, I would have done anything had my parents told me I could stay home and play, etc. for the day instead of schooling it. Today, I told my oldest to go back to bed. Half days or early release days make no sense to me. It ain’t snowing, it ain’t 103 degrees, and we aren’t an ag community that thrives off planting like the Wilder family. Why send kids to school at 9:15 to release them at 1:15? STOOPID!

I told Abby to go back to bed. Get some rest. She has had problems sleeping lately. NO! I was yelled at, screamed at, talked down to, etc. She wanted to go to school. She had tests she wanted to take! Huh? This was after she yelled at her mom. So I told mom to take a step back, forget it and leave her to me. Then I got socked with the same crap.

If these are tween emotions or hormones, you can keep them. She’s soon to find her snarky butt on lockdown. This attitude is a carry over from last night. Hell, from the day she learned to talk! I’m accustomed to her crap. Nine out of ten times I ignore her. That irks my wife. Live a shortened life with someone you love and quickly you realize life isn’t worth spending your time on arguing and the mundane crap that comes with it. Generally we fight more than we should in my home. Welcome to Abby’s world and how she wants it.

But to argue about school? I’m beginning to think its more about a boy or her cliques at school than school itself. But really, someone offers u a stay home free from school card and you balk? I just hope she remembers this crap in high school when she gets busted skipping class!

I love my kids and I love my wife!