Terrorist is a harsh word. Especially if you’re describing your child. One of the BIGGEST challenges we face daily is getting my tweener to listen and follow directions. I have stopped myself three afternoons recently in the middle of trying to reason and work with her. I wised up and realized she was manipulating me. She was working on me and trying to wear me down!

It sucks that a child can work on her parents so hard to get what she wants. Faking illness to stay up late. Feigning the same illness to stay home. Saying she doesn’t understand homework to stay up late too. But there is always the part of me wondering if Abby is doing all this to get attention since she is now older and more self sufficient. As in, she wants our attention and love more and more. She is constantly wanting the attention. She thinks we give all our time to the babies. And honestly, that is where 90% of our time goes. Could it be an act? Could it be evilness?

We want to believe the best in and about our kids. But her actions have spilled over. To church where she fakes sickness to get out of choir. Where she also gets in trouble during her mission classes. To school where she says that kids are mistreating her and doing her wrong. To only find out that it is her tormenting other kids. Ugh!

She even lies about brushing her teeth. What makes it worse is that she does it, or rather used to do it more to her mom. She was always doing crap to her mom while always listening to me. Not now. She is doing crap to me and as a daddy, and she’s my first born, it hurts. It breaks my heart. In many places. In many ways. And it sucks.

I’m hoping that time and better plans will make it better.

I love my kids and I love my wife!!