Illness is one thing. Colds, the flu, a sinus infection, they all have definitive parameters. This bullshi$ of your kid running a fever with no explanation, that’s for the birds. I can’t stand to see my kids sick. It doesn’t matter what the illness is. When they are miserable it makes me sad. They can’t be comforted in any way. No amount of hugs or snuggles will work.

I run out of patience with illness. It doesn’t do any good though. Who am I going to get pissed at? God? Jesus? Um yeah, that won’t work. A doc? Why? They can’t do it all. But yet again, I feel like a failure because one of my babies is sick and I can’t fix it.

I’m hoping that tomorrow we turn a corner and Katie starts to feel better. I also hope and pray the other two don’t catch it! To hell with me….just not them!

I love my kids and I love my wife!