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In the South we have a saying.  Well, let me say that I’m not sure if its only said here in the South, but my grandparents taught it to me.  It is said as “draw back a nub”.  As in if you try to eat my sandwich you’ll draw back a nub.  Meaning that you will lose the majority of your finger and what will be left will be a nub.

Our dog, Emmy, sometimes comes across as perhaps a little over the top.  Full of energy, spaz, crazy, entertaining, hyper, etc.  However, one thing is for certain is that she is a member of the family.  Yesterday because of the rain I wasn’t going to take her in the truck with us on morning carpool.  It has been raining off and on for 4 days now.  And I thought it might be best if we didn’t take her.  As I pulled out, Katie, who is almost 2, asks “Where’s Emmy?”.  To that I answered at home.  Again, the same question from her.  Then a third time.  Needless to say I circled the block and came back to get Emmy. 

Emmy does morning carpool with us and 95% of the time pm carpool as well.  She likes it for the most part.  Some times she doesn’t jump readily into the truck mostly because something else has her interest or attention.  Last week, on Friday we needed to meet my father in-law at my wife’s office before I took Abby to school.  Emmy was on board.  She hasn’t met him before.  Yes, we’ve had her for a year and no introductions have been made.

Emmy usually has a particular type of person she barks at or growls at.  The shady type, the kind who comes to my window begging me to purchase magazines(like at the gas station the other day), or a variety of others.  Then there are certain people she could care….no, she pretty much barks at all things that aren’t part of her family. 

So, we pull into the lot at my wifes work.  She took over the stuff she needed to give her dad and then he gave her a bag of stuff Abby had left last weekend at their house.  I thought whew, ok, I can get going.  NOPE.  He made his way over to the truck.  HE opened the door to where the kids are in the truck.  Let’s just say he about drew back a nub where his nose is.  I don’t believe I’ve seen my father in-law move that fast or step away from anything that fast.  She went ballistic.  And not a friendly type of ballistic.  The type of anger and aggression I’ve yet to hear her do before that day.  She growled, snarled, tried to come over the seats, etc. 

Phyllis then went and got Emmy out of the back.  Emmy and he had their proper introductions then.  Phyllis told Emmy he was ok.  Emmy jumped up on him and wagged her tail.  All was back to normal back in doggy protection world. 

I truly believe that our dog would take the head off of a person if need be.  She would give her life saving our kids.  And Katie, she cannot be without her for too long.  I love it when this kind of love is shared.  The world should have more of this!

I love my kids and I love my wife!