One of the bonuses of being a stay at home daddy is the wardrobe.  Not that I get a wardrobe allowance or that I am wearing all the newest and hottest styles.  I rarely IF ever wear a shirt that has a collar.  You will find me wearing one on Sundays to services at church, to a funeral if I happen to need to be there or at a wedding celebration if anyone I know invites me to a wedding.

Another occasion is that I will wear one out to dinner or something IF my wife and I are ever lucky enough to have that time alone.  But, let’s get real here.  No person is going to watch all 3 of my kids at once.  NOT.A.SINGLE.PERSON.  No in-laws, no babysitter in their right mind, etc.  I could leave the two younger ones with the oldest.  That is of course she could stay off Netflix or YouTube long enough to pay attention.  I would have a better chance with our dog, Emmy to watch the kids.  Yes, she is that protective.  More on that later.

So, I decided to wash all my nice collared shirts out of the closet today.  Some of them have been hanging in my closet without being worn of over 12 months.  Yes, that long.  As well, my more formal looking dress shirts have been worn far less often.  Which is funny to me. 

When it comes to clothes, I keep them forever.  I have one pair of socks in my drawer that I’ve had since 1998.  Yes, I know that for certain.  I have a shirt, one of the nicer dress shirts in my closet that I’ve had since 2000.  Yes, I know that for certain too.  It isn’t faded, not tattered nor worn out.  Mr. Hilfiger would be proud.

So, as I loaded these seven shirts into the washer, I couldn’t help but smile.  Wondering when the next time I might wear them.  Wondering if there will be a date in the future with my wonderful wife. 

I’m very lucky to stay home with my kids.  My wife has entrusted me to do this awesome thing.  I don’t take it lightly.  Not at all.  Perhaps it could even be said I am an ass about it.  And I am ok with it.  My wife isn’t I know.  I embarass her, and make her shun being beside me at times in public.  But, I am an ass with my childrens protection.  When Abby was less than a year old, my wife Phyllis and I were driving down the road and were about run off the road here in town by a jackass that HAD to be somewhere. 

It was because of my wife that I didn’t end up in jail that day and the guy didn’t land in the ER.  On the other hand, I let my kids try things that no parent in their right or left mind would.  Climbing on some things, jumping, running, etc.  But then last week I got upset when Katie tried to scale her new toy bin.  I guess it can be said I had two sets of standards.  Things I see as an immediate danger that I had no hand in, I don’t like.  Other things, like jumping on the bed, I don’t mind.  Why, I don’t know but I know it bugs the hell out of my wife.

Whether it is with the kids jumping on the bed, running in the park, or something else, I am in my t-shirt.  No collar, 99% of the time with no long sleeves.  It can be 28 degrees outside and I am wearing short sleeves.  Last winter it was rare to see me in anything beyond shorts or perhaps sweats if it was really that cold.  Another bonus of being a SAHD with apparel is shoes.  I wear CROCS 99% of the time too.  I try to stay away from wearing them on rainy days.  Too slick on the bottom.  I don’t wear them to service on Sunday.  Wednesday night, yep, I got CROCS on.  I used to not do that and you’d never find me in shorts or a t-shirt at church.  That was until I became the SAHD.  I get puked on, peed on, thrown up on, food spit at me, drinks spilled on me, etc.  I chase a 23 month old around my house daily.  I feed a 6 month old multiple times a day.  Folks, I am thinking God really doesn’t care what I am wearing to worship Him and be in His House on Wednesday evenings.

I try not to embarass my wife with my clothing choices.  It doesn’t work out all the time.  Some times I do feel bad about it.  Some times I don’t have the time to make the changes needed.  I’ve been known to be in the local market in an undershirt with holes in it.  If  you don’t like what I am wearing and live outside my home-get over it. 

I love my kids and I love my wife.