A couple of years ago my wife and I created a chore list for our oldest. None of it involves caustic cleaners or lye or that kind of stuff. Simple things really. Feed the dog, set the table, empty trash, etc. Saturday is the bigger day. It includes cleaning her room with some other stuff.

Again, I’ve had the tendency to be more relaxed than my wife over time with the room. BIG MISTAKE. I’M OWNING THIS ONE, I WAS WRONG. However, a couple of weeks ago I looked harder at the room. This was after noticing clothes I had just washed were all over the place; in the closet, on the floor, balled up in corners and other places that I noticed.

Today I was taking something into her room and noticed something amiss. Again, stuff that had just been washed by me was on the floor crumpled up. Problem-it had NOT been worn. Then stuff was in her bed that was clean looking like she used it to snuggle with. I found five socks I’ve been looking for now for several weeks in a bag under other bags. Then, a wet towel on her new mattress on the new bed. SAY WHAT!?!? Uh, no. Then another towel on her new wooden desk chair!

Luckily Jeb was asleep after his bottle & Katie was playing. Enter daddy with 30 gallon trash bag, a plan and a good amount of being pissed off. Closet is clean, trash is out, other things have been moved/replaced. Found stuff she told me and her momma were missing or gone. Found crap she’s destroyed. There are piles on her bed we are going to sort through tonight as a family.

I’m not happy. I’m really not. I made some headway. Not enough. There will be more that I do. She will be mad at me. And that’s ok. If she isn’t mad at me, I’m not doing my job!