For the fifth time since the school year started for Abby, she left her homework and assignment list at school. So, last night she mentioned this after church. Before church when I got her in carpool, I asked if she had homework. Yes, lots of it was the response I got. Being “that” daddy, you know, mostly benefit of the doubt and get burned for it daddy, I mistakenly thought she had the work. Nope.

So, here we were last night again, having that discussion. This time, I shocked her. I took her iTouch. She was not happy. Oh well. I guess I’ll just hold onto that until we see improvement at school. Wow, she might have to use a radio for music! Gasp!

I’ve reached my limit with the school lies. Thus, enough is enough! Homework missing, telling misinformation from and about her teacher, etc. At some point I’m thinking it will sink into her head. Maybe not. I hope so. I warned her that my next move for leaving it at school would be to allow her to sleep in the garage…..motivation at its finest.