Kids have a way about them. They love each other in most instances. Sometimes siblings have bonds so strong only a chemist or physicist can explain them. That’s what I find with Jeb and Katie.

Originally I believed that Katie and Abby as sisters would be inseparable. And lots of times they are. But even they have their moments. But I have yet, and yet is the key word, seen Katie not want to have anything to do with Jeb. When he screams, he comes. When he yells out, she comes. When he eats, she wants to help. She even helps bathe him.

I know it won’t always be like this, but for now, I’m enjoying watching this. Later on they will tease, fight and call names. There will come a time no doubt when somebody says the wrong thing about one of them and the other will step in. It might be a girl who hearts his heart. A boy who dumps her. Either way, they will be there for each other. I’m hoping to be able to teach them what family is truly about. The kind of stuff momma taught me that my siblings have forgotten.