After utilizing blogger for an extended time, I had to make the switch to a different platform.  Having survived this, some things have been happening and I want to catch you up.

Jeb is sporting two teeth and more are cutting.  Therefore, he’s been extremely grumpy.  We’ve moved him into some baby foods.  It appears there isn’t much he doesn’t like.  Another plus is that he seems to be sleeping good at night.  And, in a crib instead of a cradle or rocker.  One bump in the road is that he has developed some anxiety in not being able to see someone at all times.  If I turn the corner, he screams!

Katie on the other hand is doing great.  She has a great routine going and is so outgoing.  Church is like a social for her.  When she’s there, other kids want to hang out with her.  With Jeb, it’s the teachers fighting over him.

Abby our oldest is doing alright.  Halfway through the first quarter and we had to have a parent conference.  As I type this I’m awaiting the chance to speak to my wife about it.  I minded the kids while the Mrs. did the conference today.  So, I’m not sure what to expect.

Finally, the holidays are coming up.  The Fair is first though.  So, we will be doing that and then two fall festivals.  First at church then school.  Then comes all the other hectic times.  Joy!!