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Our baby Jeb was doing a little boot scooting.  More of knee scooting.  Granted, it wasn’t much but he did it.  About a foots worth.  I am amazed at what kids can do, especially at this age.  He crawled just enough to make me shed a tear.  That’s my boy though.

I relayed the info to his momma.  He made her cry too.  Glad I wasn’t alone in that one.  Today was another WoW moment too.  After we get home from morning carpool, I bring the dog in first.  She rides in the back of the Jeep daily.  I went back to get Jeb and Katie.  They ride side by side.  I opened the door to find them holding hands.  Half asleep, but still holding hands.

They truly cannot stand to be without each other long.  Whether it is downstairs playing, meals or bath time….they want to be with each other.  What a lucky daddy I am to be a part of this.