Shame on you NCAA


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My “home” state of NC last year had passed a bill in the Legislature basically eviscerating the rights of the LGBTQ community.  As such, the state lost millions in revenue, shamed themselves and basically said they were the gender police.  It caused an uproar.  NC Lost the NBA All-Star weekend, they also were taken off the list immediately from the NCAA as a location or site to host NCAA games.

In the past month, NC has rolled back SOME of the provisions that were in House Bill 2(HB2).  However, they have not rolled them all back.  As such, it is still a very discriminatory bill in nature. Today the NCAA announced their selection of sites to hold future NCAA games and tournaments.   BIG shocker, NC is back on the list. Read about the NCAA decision from the Raleigh NBC affiliate, WRAL.

It isn’t enough the NCAA has dragged their feet with several NCAA infraction and violations cases over the last decade or so.  It is absolutely horrendous and in my opinion, quite discriminatory still for the NCAA to file in lock-step with NC and the GOP just to make money all the way around.  I should expect it.  However, having friends AND family members who make up the LGBTQ community in NC, this pisses me off.

Shame on you NCAA for all that you don’t stand up for.